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During the past year I have rediscovered how much I really love to read. I have taken advantage of several of the Kindle “Deal of the Day” selections, and I found an author whose work I truly love: Susanna Kearsley. I have just started “The Shadowy Horses” and the title alone made me think of this picture that I took back in February, 2006. I converted it to black and white because of the sun flare. I didn’t know back then that you could add sun flare using Photoshop. I could clone out the sun flare, but I’ve grown to like it the way it is. I took a series of pictures trying to get a representation of back lighting for my NYIP class. I didn’t use this shot even though it was my favorite because of the lens flair and the soft focus. Since the instructor didn’t think much of what I did submit I should have gone with what I liked instead. I hope I remember that in all my artistic endeavors from now on.

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