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I really like movies, sometimes more than books. Don’t get me wrong. I love books, but sometimes I need to be able to multi-task and keep myself entertained while I am cooking or washing dishes or whatever. I have a fairly large library of movies, and I watch them over and over again. If I buy it, it’s generally because I really loved it. There are a lot of movies that I really enjoyed but I never want to watch them again. I usually don’t buy those. There have been a few movies that I thought I would like and I had not seen them, so I bought them. Perhaps I “read the book.” “Water for elephants” comes to mind as a good example of a circumstance like that. Okay, I really loved the book and I really wanted to see Hal Holbrook as the older version of the protagonist. What I had forgotten was how sad and violent the book was. Anyhow, I really liked the movie but I have no desire to watch it ever again, so I gave it away. The reason I brought this all up is one of my favorite movies is “Under the Tuscan Sun.” I did check the book out of the library and didn’t read it. Shhhhhhhh. Don’t tell Francis. I was thinking of this movie when I took my little doggie girl, Sugar, for her afternoon walk. We hadn’t gotten very far at all when I received a “sign” from above. I felt something fall into my hair and I immediately looked up. I thought (hoped) it was just a leaf, since it is after all Fall. Unfortunately, I was not standing directly under a tree. My husband happened to have joined us that evening so I had him check things out. Sure enough, there must have been a rest stop arrow above my head. Okay, I still don’t think this was a good sign regardless of how the Italians view this. However, I was fortunate that the area hit was completely my hair and not my face, or worse yet, my mouth. It was a small amount and it was not overly runny. Lastly, I was very close to home. Sugar got shortchanged on her walk and I didn’t have far to go to get in the shower. Lot’s to be thankful for.


Okay, this feathery “person” is not of the culprit. It wasn’t even taken in the correct state, but I felt this story needed a bird picture, so there you go.

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