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You know how when you are upgrading software, they tell you to back up all your data first?  Well, most of the time I do, but yesterday I didn’t.  I just decided to roll the dice, and I lost.  Or rather, my blog lost the last two posts.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s all that is missing.  2011 was not a great year and I am happy to see it go.  That was the subject of my last post.  The other post had something to do with Summer Solstice and how it was rainy and you couldn’t really tell that it was summer.  That was the least of my troubles.  If I had only known.  But, thankfully, we can’t see too far into the future, and no matter how we want to, we can’t change the past.  I also posted a picture that I had posted previously on Facebook when I was playing around with an app.  

Our trip to Emerald Isle was marred by intense sadness, but every day at the beach is a good day.  That has always been our creed and it was no different then.

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