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I have lately become obsessed with food and taking photos of food. There is a very simple reason for this. I am a photographer that has lost over 35 pounds in about three months by eating wonderful healthy whole foods and NOT doing aerobics. I have never felt better in my life and it’s not just because of the weight loss. Although it definitely does not hurt my physical condition to weigh a total of 45 pounds less than I did at Christmas, I have been at this weight a few times in my life (very few for long) and I can promise that I never felt as healthy and energized as I do now. It’s completely thanks to a book I found completely by accident on Amazon called TurboCharged. Their website is found at If you have any health or weight issues, I urge you to download a sample of this book.

I intend to share much more about my weight loss journey in the coming days. If this bores you to distraction, I hope you will just look at my pictures. Thanks for stopping by…

Below is my favorite protein source of eggs and cheese. This is my latest omelette with lots of cheese and some mushroom slices. My favorite cheese comes from Grass Point Farms. Good stuff!


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