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Dead Sea Rising (Dead Sea Chronicles #1)Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B. Jenkins
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I have long been a fan of Jerry Jenkins, starting with the Left Behind Series.

This is a brand new series that takes place in current day and around 2000 BC. There is mystery and drama all intersected with things the Christian community has always accepted on faith, but the rest of the world doesn’t recognize as “real history” because “where’s the proof”.

I love historical Christian fiction and I love modern day mysteries. This book combines them in what has been a true page turner. Just when you think you have it all figured out, there are surprises to be found.

What I love about Jerry’s writing however, is he doesn’t surprise just for that sake alone. It all holds together as authentic and stays true to the Bible.

Well done and I can’t wait for Book Two.

I was given an advanced reader’s copy.

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